Note for contributors

The review publishes in French or English.

How to submit

Manuscripts are to be transmitted as an attachment to an e-mail preferably in Rich Text Format (rtf) or (.doc) to the editorial board:

Please use Times or Times New Roman font, size: 12.

The contribution length will not exceed 70.000 characters (white spaces included).

Title page  should include :

  • The title, in both English and French
  • Author’s coordinates:

The name(s) of the author(s)

The affiliation(s), professional address(es), and e-mail address(es)

The personal address(es) (will not be published)

  • An abstract in English and in French; it may not exceed 10 lines in each language.
  • Key words in alphabetical order.
  • JEL classification code numbers (up to 3)

Footnotes will be continuously numbered, and placed on the bottom of the page.


At the end of the text, references should be listed in alphabetical order by author, and in ascending chronological order for each author. All authors and editors should be listed. First and last page numbers are required for journal articles and book chapters. Titles of books and journals must be given in full, and the publisher and town of publication should be given for books, conference proceedings. They will appear as follow:

  1. Book: Author name (white space) initial(s) (white space) (year of publication between brackets) comma (white space) Title (italic) comma, publisher, publishing place. Example:

Swenson P.A. (2002), Capitalists against Markets: The Making of Labor Markets and Welfare States in the United States and Sweden,  Oxford University Press, New York.

  1. Paper: Author name (white space) initial(s) (white space) (year of publication between brackets) comma (white space) quote title unquote comma (white space) Journal title (in italic) comma volume comma number comma month, first and last page numbers. Example:

Hall P. (1993), “Policy Paradigm, Social Learning and the State, the Case of Economic Policy in Britain”, Comparative Politics, April, p. 275-296.


Please send your mail to

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