Client, Employer and Worker: Cartography of a Complex Triangulation

Many studies in the fields of Law, Sociology and Management evoke a questioning of the bond of subordination between employer and workers. This transformation of subordination is often explained by the triangulation of the traditionally bilateral labour relation between employer and workers, due in large part to the intrusion of the client or their representatives in the organizational conditions of work, without necessarily distinguishing between the various types of clients, nor between the reality and the rhetoric of the role and the weight of the client. The objective of this article is to propose a classification of the triangular situations between employer, workers and client based on power concept and to analyse the impacts of client on work conditions and employment relations.

Havard.C, Rorive.B, Sobczak.A, Socio-Économie du Travail n°27 (Économies et Sociétés, tome XL), septembre 2006, p.1229-1258.

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