Segmented Labour Markets, and Job Insecurity: An Application to the French home support sector

The home support sector, considered as a potential pool of jobs by the public authorities, has a reputation for offering insecure and low qualified jobs. From a descriptive work grouping together social partners trying to reduce this job insecurity and from a monographic work on the sector, we have adopted a segmentationist approach to the job market and propose a dualistic reading of job insecurity in this specific business sector. After having shown the multidimensional aspect of job insecurity, we demonstrate why home-support jobs can be analyzed by the yardstick of secondary job markets. On this basis, we then analyze the variety of secondary-market types together with the stakes that access to an upper segment of the secondary market would represent in this sector. These stakes include a possible decrease in the number of job insecurity situations.

Lamotte.B, Puissant.E, Socio-Économie du Travail n°32 (Économies et Sociétés, tome XLIV), juillet 2010, p.1213-1239.

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