Could job quality of personal services activity be improved ? An analysis in terms of worlds of production

Personal services are in the heart of employment policies for twenty years and namely since 2005. The main aim (creating jobs) have tended to emphasise job quantity at the expense of job quality which, despite the avowed efforts of employers and regulators, remains poor. The article analyses the series of mechanisms at work. While some of these mechanisms are the same as those at work in all personal services, others vary according to the activity in question. Care activities, for example, are caught up in a ‘vicious circle’, while those employed in domestic services are caught in a ‘precarity trap’. The fact that these two areas of activity belong to different ‘worlds of production’ means that the prospects for improving job quality are greater in one (care activities) than in the other.

Franck Bailly, François-Xavier Devetter, François Horn, Socio-Économie du Travail n°34 (Économies et Sociétés, tome XLVI), juin 2012, p.1101-1128.

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